The Retail Grocers Association of Greater Kansas City (RGA) is the state’s largest retail trade association, devoting full time to working for the betterment of retail food store operators and their suppliers. RGA represents the food industry in both the state and national capitols on all legislative and trade problems affecting the industry. The Retail Grocers Association is a non-profit organization operated by and for retail food store operators and their suppliers.


  • To maintain a high standard of integrity and efficiency in the conduct of the retail food business

  • To maintain our chosen vocation among the respected professions and industries

  • To oppose improper methods and unethical practices adverse to the right conduct of business so that honorable and fair competition may prevail

  • To promote harmonious relations with allied industries, in order that highest quality food may be sold to consumers at the lowest possible cost

  • To enable the food retailers, through their association to dispense useful information to educate themselves in the scientific and practical features of their business


Constitution Act of 1895:
“The object of the Retail Grocers’ Association of Kansas City, Missouri, is to unite the grocers, provision merchants, butchers and tea dealers of Kansas City, Missouri in a permanent organization for the purpose of fostering and maintaining social and fraternal feelings between them; to disseminate information of mutual interest; to guard and protect each other against, and to expose frauds and adulterations in goods, wares and merchandise; to influence by all proper means legislation for the better protection of trade; to protect them against fraudulent customers, and to encourage the observance of the Sabbath and all legal holidays.”

The Constitution was signed by S.W. Henderson, President, M.J. Oldham, Secretary, and A.J. Boand, treasurer of the new organization.

RGA has come a long way! And as grocery store have evolved to become what they are today, the Retail Grocers’ Association has proudly supported their growth and met their needs in service, training, and technology. Guided by the standards of the profession and a dedicated board of directors, the Association pledges to continue the tradition into the future.