RGA/FIS has created a time-saving method to process your orders for the AWG food show events. Using your own historical sales movement data, we provide the ability to electronically order items while showing how much you'll be saving by taking better advantage of offered deals.

After uploading your orders directly to AWG, We provide a summary and can even forward Info to brokers/reps.
• Easy to Use
• Streamlined Process
• Suggested Orders Based on YOUR Movement
• Customizable Excel File with Auto Delivery Date Selection

"We have been using it for several years now. We noticed an immediate improvement in the accuracy and time the food show took our managers. The managers have said that it helps them write more efficient orders and is much easier to have all the important information right at their fingertips when doing these orders. Every food show the program seams to get better, our team would never want to go back to the old way."
—Tim Cosens, McKeevers Foods

Call Jon McCormick at 913-226-8020 or Craig Kassing at 913-601-3632 for more details.

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