RGA/FIS has teamed up with The Collection Bureau of Kansas (CBK) and Principal, Kent Hollins to provide a formal program for the collection of bad checks.

Simply put, bad checks cost you money. CBK can recover money you thought was lost and gone forever. Along with the program is the opportunity to do re-presentment with CBK. They have a patented solution for getting your returned checks collected quickly and efficiently.

Along with bad check collection, if you are in need of a check authorization program, CBK may have the solution for you.


RGA/FIS partners with WorldPay to provide you with a credit/debit program that touts one of the best reporting and invoicing processes in the industry.

Try reading your invoice from your provider. Then compare to a WorldPay statement. You will understand the charges in a straight forward fashion with WorldPay.

Priced right with Association fees that are competitive in the marketplace, you get great credit/debit processing and support your Association at the same time.

Call for details. Jon McCormick at 913-226-8020 or Candy Taloney at 913-601-3632.