Now more than ever, Retailers need to band together whenever and wherever possible to fight the high cost of health insurance. Typically, holding the number #3 spot on your expense sheet, predictions of 30% to 50% increases going forward begs the question, "Is there a better way?"

Beginning in late 2012, RGA created a team of professionals headed up by Jon McCormick, President/CEO of RGA and Health Benefits Systems and owner Ken Sigman. The team consist of RGA/FIS, HBS, Aetna, Pareto Management Services, Brian Johnston of Polsinelli Law firm and Tom Handley an Actuarial formerly with BCBS. The team was tasked with the job of providing an innovative approach to insuring employees of companies of more than 50 eligible employees or more… up to 500. Initially, numerous member retailers are participating in a 35 company "Captive" which acts similar to a "Co-Op" but for health insurance coverage.

The program is technical in detail and not for every retailer with 50 or more. But, for those 50+ employee retailers interested in investigating a partially self-funded, "Co-Op style" program that will have the potential to drive down your health insurance costs… please call Jon McCormick at 913-226-8020 or Candy Taloney at 913-601-3632. We will help you with initial questions and set up a consultation meeting with HBS' Ken Sigman.

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