RGA/FIS Member Instore Security Program

Burglary in Progress! Police survey says 98% of all motion detector alarms are FALSE. Police will respond to a trusted, video verified call from Titan. RGA/FIS has teamed up with Titan Security, a multi-state and multi-faceted security company owned by Ryan Smith, former law enforcement officer here in Kansas City Metro. Titan focuses on supermarket security in many ways.

Titan provides in-store guard services. From specific time slots to full time guards Titan can serve your needs. Titan also provides 24 hour monitoring of surveillance cameras. Titan provides multiple types of options in the camera surveillance area. One solution is called Videofied. This is a motion detector camera that when activated sends a ten second clip to the monitoring station for review. If it's a raccoon in your dumpster, there will be no call to the police. If it is a person with a ski mask and bolt cutters…. It is a burglary in process!

In addition, if you have already installed surveillance cameras, Titan can enhance the capabilities by installing a proprietary box and route the signal to their monitoring station. Among other applications, it would be nice for night crews and early morning deliveries.

Call Jon McCormick at 913-226-8020 or Candy Taloney at 913-601-3632 for more details.